Once the entire body must be challenged

Climbing is a sport for the whole body. Fingers and feet are obviously important, but it’s equally important to use your head when selecting the best holds on your journey to the top.

GoBornholm is your gateway to Denmark's best  rock climbing opportunities. Vang granite quarry on the north island is a rugged and unique climbing spot where we offer climbing courses for beginners and experienced climbers of all ages. Climbing is for children and adults, and it’s easy to get started.

In unique natural surroundings, with safety as our top priority, our professional, Danish-Climbing-Federation trained instructors will ensure that rock climbing in Vang is an intense and exciting experience.

The climbing course are with intensive instruction into the equipment, principles and techniques of climbing. Next we move on to challenge the rock itself. Secured with safety ropes and under the watchful eye of your instructor, one at a time, you will climb to the top of the wall of granite.

And, after that, if you’re in the mood for more, you will learn how to rappel back down the steep cliff.

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