Kayak tours and courses on Bornholm

Coastal and natural forces

Sea kayaking – safe boating in either single or double kayaks.

When paddling a sea kayak, you can experience Bornholm’s pristine nature in a different and charming way. Learn about safety, manoeuvring, paddle technique and more – for beginners, intermediate and experienced.

You can take courses and guided tours or even rent equipment and get out on the water. Gazing back at the island from your kayak on the ocean, you will see a very different side of Bornholm – the beautiful variety of the rocky coastline, natural caves and manmade ruins.




Hammer harbour

Eastwind in the newly restored Hammerhavn (Hammer harbour) is the departure point for an outstanding kayak sightseeing tour. Sailing along Bornholm’s rugged coastline you will see the island’s unique rock formations like the Lion’s Head and the Camel’s Head, and the Wet Oven cave at Hammershus.


Årsdale rocky coast

Sea kayaking from Årsdale is a breathtaking kayaking experience. Just outside the door, sailing along the coastline, you will see beautiful, varied rock formations.

Balka Beach

Eastwind’s family-friendly water sports centre on Balka organizes guided sea kayaking tours daily. East Wind offers a secure environment with excellent facilities and professional courses for the whole family.



Kajakroning i klipper og grotter ved Hammershus, Bornholm.

Kayaking along Rocks on Bornholm


Kajaktræning på Balka strand, Bornoholm.

Kayak practise on Balka Beach, Bornholm.


Gruppeundervisning i kajak på Balka strand, Bornholm.

Group exercise in kayaking at Balka Beach, Bornholm.  


Kajakhold sejler langs klipper, Hammershus, Bornholm.

Hammershus, Bornholm.


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