Kitesurfing is an exciting sport

Kitesurfing is an action-packed, modern, surface water sport in which participants stand on  small surf board and get pulled along by a "power kite" control by manipulating a so-called "bar" attached to the kite lines. Kitesurfing relies on balance and technique rather than brute force.

Kitesurfers can travel incredibly fast and low hop on the water. Able to achieve speeds of around 40-50 km/h, experienced surfers cultivate a variety of styles such as wake style, wave riding, freestyle, jumping and cruising.

Bornholm, with its great beaches and dependable wind is an ideal place to learn to kitesurf.

Learn to Kitesurf on Bornholm

Adrenaline, speed and excitement.

GoBornholm’s Eastwind kitesurfing courses, held at Balka Beach or Dueodde on Bornholm, offer  the perfect conditions for learning to kitesurf quickly and safely. Eastwind’s instructors have many years of international experience gained in such kitesurfing havens as Hawaii and New Zealand, and the company is certified by the Danish Sailing Association.

Eastwinds kitesurf intro video



Kitesurfer i fart tæt ved land.

Kitesurfer at Dueodde, Bornholm. 


Kitesurfer midt i spring.

Kitesurfing in a jumo. Dueodde, Bornholm.


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