course at Balka Beach

Experienced instructors, good, safe beaches, lots of sun, and plenty of wind.

Learn to windsurf at Eastwind water sports centre in the sleepy fishing village of Snogebæk on Balka Strand.

Eastwind offers windsurfing courses at all levels – from beginners to experts. Safety is our top priority, equipped new and beach sums of active living.

Speed across the water on lightweight boards with lightweight sails. Windsurfing is an exciting classic water sport that’s easy for all ages to learn. The driving force is the wind – it fills the sail and propels you forward. Experienced windsurfers can reach speeds of more than 30 km/h.

At the beginning of the course, you get to know the equipment – board, boom, rigging, sails and of course the wetsuit. Next, you learn how to balance, steer and make turns. And then you learn the safety procedures that you need to know in order to look after yourself and other people on the water.


Surfundervisning i Snogebæk, Bornholm

Windsurfing course at Snogebæk, Bornholm.


Et surfhold ved Snogebæk havn, Bornholm

A surfcourse in Snogebæk habour, Bornholm.


Et begynderhold lærer at "jibe" i let vind. Balka, Bornholm.

A beginnercourse learns to jibe in light breeze at Balka, Bornholm.


En windsurfer i god fart på Balka strand.

A windsurfer at Balka strand, Bornholm. 


Der bliver gjort surfudstyr klar og forberedt en social event med DJ ved Eastwind Surfcenter på Balka strand. Bornholm.

Surfequipment is being made ready on Balka Beach, Eastwind.


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